MIT CCCS 2017 秋季招生

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劍橋合唱團將於8月下旬起招募新團員,新樂季於8月18日起每週五晚間8點在 MIT 4-270教室練唱,並於 8/25, 9/1 晚間7:00-8:00開放試音。預計招收女聲 1~3 名,男高音 2~4 名,男低音 3~5 名。試音請準備一首自選曲,並事先約定試音時段。試音期間歡迎自由參觀並加入練唱。詢問加入或預約試音請連絡,在 doodle 上註冊時間或電話617-615-6108.

Starting from August, CCCS will be recruiting for new members for its upcoming season. We are looking for soprano/alto (1-3), tenor (2-4), bass (3-5). Our fall season starts from August 18th and rehearsals are on Fridays at MIT 4-270 from 8-10pm. For audition, please come prepared with a song of your choice.

Audition date and time: 8/25, 9/1; 7-8pm. Please
– email
– sign up on doodle
– call 617-615-6108 in advance to reserve your spot.

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