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The Cambridge Chinese Choral Society was founded in 1992 by a group of Taiwanese students and professionals who shared an interest in choral music. Since then, the CCCS has recruited many local enthusiastic singers from Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, the US and other countries, and has grown to be a well-respected community amateur choir. Our repertoire covers a wide range of music such as traditional Chinese songs, European classical religious hymns, Broadway musicals, Taiwanese aboriginal pieces, contemporary Chinese arrangements, and popular music.   We see our concerts as important venues to introduce Chinese and Taiwanese music to the Greater Boston and neighboring communities and to arouse interest among our audience, who may not be familiar with our songs.  The CCCS holds two performances every year open to the general public. We hope this cultural exchange will bring our audience as much joy and pleasure as it does to us.  The CCCS holds auditions during August and January each year. Rehearsals are on Fridays 7-9pm at the Mormon Stake Center 65 Binney St. (corner of 2nd St.) in Cambridge.  For more information about the choir and upcoming events, please email us at contact@mitcccs.org.  The CCCS is a non-profit organization.  Every free concert is made possible by membership fees and private donations.  Thank you very much for your support!

劍橋合唱團成立於1992年,由大波士頓地區熱愛合唱的社會人士及學生組成,演唱風格多樣,從中文藝術歌曲、唐詩宋詞、台灣民謠、客家歌謠、台灣原住民歌曲,乃至外文歌劇、音樂劇、宗教歌曲、流行歌曲等皆有涉獵。劍橋合唱團將繼續本著文化交流及社區服務兩大宗旨,豐富當 地華人的藝術休閒生活,推廣台灣本土音樂,宏揚中華文化。劍橋合唱團在波士頓地區每年固定舉行春季與冬季音樂會,近兩年起更每年固定發表新譜或新編中文合唱作品,受到廣大聽眾的熱烈迴響。劍橋合唱團每年8月與1月招考新團員,每週五晚間7-9點在摩門教堂(65 Binney St. (corner of 2nd St.) Cambridge)練唱 ,歡迎有興趣的朋友直接加入或與我們 聯絡 contact@mitcccs.org。劍橋合唱團為一非營利組織,每回免費公演所有支出完全依靠公家經費,團員年費及各界捐款。感謝您的支持及鼓勵!


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The Cambridge Chinese Choral Society (CCCS) was founded in 1992 by a group of students and scholars at MIT who share a common interest in choral music as well as the Chinese culture and tradition. Through our weekly practices and frequent social functions, our members have developed close friendships and bonds which have matured each of our lives.

During the twenty years of the CCCS’s founding, we have been fortunate in the mentoring and instruction by many talented musicians, conductors and esteemed music scholars from MIT.  Through the careful cultivation of each mentor and instructor, the CCCS has grown to be a well-respected amateur choir.

Besides the bi-annual concerts in Winter and Spring, the CCCS is also active in the local Chinese community.  For example, we’ve participated in art and music festivals sponsored by the Republic of China, charity performances sponsored by the Tzu-Chi Foundation for international disaster relieves and performances at local nursing homes, special events sponsored by the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and special presidential inauguration celebration for President Chen of ROC in May of 2000.

The CCCS has also become more recognized in the greater Boston community in the recent years. In 1998, Cable Vision Broadcasting filmed a two-hour show about the CCCS in its “About The Arts” program which received much positive response from its audience. The following year, the TV station broadcast our entire Winter Concert at MIT so that the Boston Community can enjoy/benefit such diverse music performances/cultures from MIT.

The variety of music sung by the CCCS is another unique quality. Our scores range from traditional Chinese songs to historical sonnets and hymns of Tang and Song Dynasties; from European classical religions hymns to Broadway musicals; from Taiwanese aboriginal pieces to Italian operas; from traditional jazz and blues to African American soul music.

The CCCS also founded the Cambridge Ensemble in 2011, consists of members from the CCCS.  In recent years, they have been extensively involved in the larger Chinese community, performing at such events as NEACP conference, Boston Taiwan Association, TAP-Boston, Taiwan Music Festival, Newton Taiwan Day, and MIT Techiya concerts.

劍橋合唱團成立於一九九二年,由大波士頓地區熱愛 合唱的社會人士及學生組成。團員們有不同的專業領域與音樂背景,大家稟持著這份對音樂的喜好,在異鄉找到志同道合的朋友,分外親切,而且在學習、生活各方 面得到更多的關心和照料。不少團員自小接觸合唱,在這裡延續了這份難以割捨的興趣,一些團員回到台灣後加入專業合唱演出團體。本團成立近二十年間,歷經多位 在音樂界學有所成的專業人士悉心指導,音樂水準日益提昇,另一方面﹐更有幸自創團始便聘請語言學大師趙元任之女、哈佛大學教授趙如蘭女士擔任顧問,趙女士 多年來的鼎力支持更使本團在新英格蘭地區的音樂界及僑界享有盛名。

每年劍橋合唱團均積極參與海華文藝季系列活動,並於每年的春季和冬季定期舉辦兩場成果發表會。此外,本團也主動參與社區活動,例如加入慈濟的義工隊伍慰問當地的老人院、不定期舉辦小型演出﹔母親節文藝晚會上也有劍橋合 唱團的歌聲﹔北美台商會在波士頓召開的年會,也曾邀請劍橋合唱團演出。由於本團經常的音樂演出及慈善活動更引起美國當地媒體的注意,1998年本團應 CABLE VISION 有線電 視 網邀請,錄製《ABOUT THE ART》(關於藝術)節目,內容為三十分鐘的中文歌曲示範表演。翌年,該節目更全程轉播本團之冬季公演,並做詳盡的報導,使更多美國當地民眾有機會欣賞到中國合唱音樂之美。台灣”九二一”地震災情傳來,波士頓地區華人團體便聯合舉行募款活動,劍橋合唱團當仁不讓,慷慨解囊,並用發自內心與台灣血脈相連的的 情感,用歌聲呼喚世人對災民的關切,獻上對家鄉父老的愛心。八十九年五月二十日,波士頓僑教中心為慶祝陳水扁總統就職舉辦音樂會,劍橋合唱團一曲《嘸通嫌 台灣》,深深感動在場僑胞,掌聲與歡呼聲不絕於耳。


劍橋合唱團演唱的曲目範圍廣泛,風格多樣,包括中國藝術歌曲、唐詩宋詞、台灣民謠、台灣原住民歌曲、西方宗教歌曲、西洋藝術歌曲、西洋通俗歌曲,及歌劇選曲等,囊括多種語言。本團亦為諸多台灣作曲家及指揮新秀舉行作品 發表首演。