The CCCS performs two concerts a year, and each usually draws over two hundred attendees from around the Boston area. Your generous support will:

  • Provide programs for our 200+ attendees per concert
  • Grant reasonable stipends to our choir director and accompanists
  • Support our long-standing adherence to purchasing copyrighted music scores
  • Support the rental for equipment, venue and technical personnel so we can deliver accessible, stellar performances
  • Connect the East and the West in our diverse community

Please consider purchasing an ad in our program book or be a general sponsor to support our continuing effort to bring music to the Boston communities by making a tax-deductible contribution. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

For inquiry and questions, please contact us at

CCCS每年舉辦兩次音樂會,每場通常吸引波士頓地區周圍的200多名與會者。 您的贊助與支持將幫助我們:

  • 在每場演唱會設計與印製節目手冊給我們200多位觀眾們
  • 於我們的合唱團指揮和伴奏音樂家提供合理的津貼
  • 支持我們長期堅持購買受版權保護的樂譜
  • 支持設備,場地和技術人員的租金,以便我們提供出色的演出
  • 在我們多元化的社會中成功作為連接東西方的橋樑

請考慮捐贈可抵扣稅的贊助款項,在我們的節目手冊中購買廣告或作為一般贊助商,以支持我們持續努力將音樂文化帶入波士頓社區。 謝謝,我們期待您的回音。