Participants are required to show COVID full vaccination record. We also ask each participant to sign in and self declare their health status at each rehearsal (i.e., no known symptoms; no known exposures; no COVID positive tests). If any participant tests positive for COVID, we notify all participants about the possible exposure without identifying the individual. We then ask everyone to self-test with rapid antigen tests on the Thursday before the next rehearsal. Only those testing negative should attend. We follow the masking policies of the local government and the rehearsal facility.

參與者被要求出示疫苗接種證明。我們還要求每位參與者在每次排練時簽到並自我確認他們的健康狀況(沒有COVID症狀;沒有與確診者接觸史;沒有 COVID 測驗陽性)。如果任何團員的 COVID 檢測呈陽性,我們在不識別個人身份的情況下通知所有參與者可能發生了與確診者的接觸。接下來的團練之前,請每位團員星期四做COVID快篩,呈陰性的才可星期五參加團練。我們遵循地方政府和練唱設施的口罩規定。