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劍橋合唱團將於8月下旬起招募新團員,新樂季於8月18日起每週五晚間8點在 MIT 4-270教室練唱,並於 8/25, 9/1 晚間7:00-8:00開放試音。預計招收女聲 1~3 名,男高音 2~4 名,男低音 3~5 名。試音請準備一首自選曲,並事先約定試音時段。試音期間歡迎自由參觀並加入練唱。詢問加入或預約試音請連絡,在 doodle 上註冊時間或電話617-615-6108.

Starting from August, CCCS will be recruiting for new members for its upcoming season. We are looking for soprano/alto (1-3), tenor (2-4), bass (3-5). Our fall season starts from August 18th and rehearsals are on Fridays at MIT 4-270 from 8-10pm. For audition, please come prepared with a song of your choice.

Audition date and time: 8/25, 9/1; 7-8pm. Please
– email
– sign up on doodle
– call 617-615-6108 in advance to reserve your spot.

MIT CCCS 2017 Spring Concert: 【聽泉】Listen to the Spring: To Africa, Dream Chaser!

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Listen to the Spring: To Africa, Dream Chaser!
MIT CCCS 2017 Spring Concert May 21st, 7PM at MIT Kresge Auditorium

MIT Cambridge Chinese Choral Society (CCCS) will be performing its 2017 Spring Concert
“Listen to the Spring: To Africa, Dream Chaser!” on Sunday night, 5/21, 7PM at MIT Kresge Auditorium (48 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA).

“Listen to the Spring: To Africa, Dream Chaser!” showcases music from two distinctive cultures. We will be performing new choral pieces of folk and Taiwanese songs, as well as traditional choral music based on Chinese poetry.

Then we will bring you to East Africa and explore the currently popular Missa Kenya composition. By adding French horn and percussion plus adapting his experience in Kenyatta University, composer Paul Basler merges East Africa and Western culture to produce a most dramatic yet harmonic music. Joining by instrumentalists from Boston Conservatory, we promise our concert will be an unforgettable musical experience that you don’t want to miss!

This concert will be conducted by the University of Illinois Choral Conducting DMA Dr. Yufen Yen, and accompanied by current Boston University Piano DMA candidate I-Ying Lin. For ticket information, please email us at Checks only at the door.

MIT CCCS will start recruitment for the Fall of 2017 after the Spring concert. Our choral group rehearses regularly at 8 PM on Friday nights at MIT. If you are interested in being part of MIT CCCS, please reach out to us directly after the concert. You may also contact us at 217-979- 9719, or email us at

劍橋合唱團 2017春季音樂會【聽泉】
5月21日 晚間7點 MIT Kresge Auditorium

劍橋合唱團5月21日星期日晚間7點將在麻省理工學院Kresge Auditorium
(48 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA) 舉行2017春季音樂會【聽泉 】。

本次音樂會上下半場風格迥異。上半場將演出台灣校園民歌及當代青年作曲家的作作品,包括劉新誠改編的「聽泉」、冉天豪作曲的「尋夢者」(原為戴望舒詩作)、「願」(原為蔣勳詩作)、現居波士頓的鋼琴家周鑫泉作曲的「去罷」(原為徐志摩詩作)、林育伶的台語合唱曲「四季的風」。下半場的「肯亞彌撒Missa Kenya」是作曲家Paul Basler將自己在東非肯亞的教學經驗與西方音樂融合的美麗果實,將邀請波士頓音樂院的法國號演奏家呂佳鴻、打擊樂手鄭育薇、張慈恩跨界演出。最後還有最受團員熱愛的隱藏曲目,精彩可期。

本次音樂會由顏毓芬博士擔任指揮,波士頓大學鋼琴博士候選人林宜穎擔任伴奏,近40位熱愛合唱音樂的歌手擔綱演出。演出憑票入場,購票請洽 。現場購票僅收支票。


NEACP 39th Annual Meeting Oct. 29, Saturday, at MIT 32-123

MIT-CCCS is proud to be co-hosting the 39th annual meeting with NEACP on Oct. 29, 2016, Saturday, 8am – 5pm, at MIT Kirsch Auditorium, Building 32, Room 123.  MIT-CCCS’ Cambridge Ensemble will be performing 3 songs to the audiences that are part of the speaker series this year.  We are very fortunate to have outstanding speakers: Prof. HT Kung of Harvard University, Prof. Hung Cheng of MIT, Director and Prof. Michael Szonyi of Harvard Fairbank Center for Chinese studies, and Prof. Fred Hsia of NCKU.  Attached is the flyer and program for your reference.

Registration please visit the eventbrite page: . I’m sure NEACP community will benefit greatly from these speakers’ enormous wisdom and experience.  Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting.

9/14/2016 「台灣之聲」音樂會 台大EMBA x 劍橋合唱團聯合演出

MIT劍橋合唱團訂於9月14日星期三晚間七點半在劍橋第一教堂(First Church in Cambridge, 11 Garden St, Cambridge, MA)與首度訪美的台灣大學EMBA合唱團聯合演出「台灣之聲」音樂會。


劍橋合唱團八月份開始新樂季練唱與招生,每週五晚間8點在MIT教室練習,歡迎有志於演唱或協助團務行政的志工加入。聯絡電話:217-979-9719 │Email:

9/14/2016 “The Voice of Taiwan” NTU-EMBA Chamber Choir Concert Tour hosted by MIT CCCS

MIT CCCS is hosting a joint concert with the NTU-EMBA Chamber Choir on 9/14/2016, Wednesday night 7:30 PM at the First Church in Cambridge, 11 Garden St, Cambridge, MA.

National Taiwan University EMBA Chamber Choir was established in 2003. The members include EMBA classmates, alumni, relatives and friends. The purposes of the organization is to provide an opportunity to learn to sing together, team building, and through these to contribute to our social obligations. The most important mission is to promote Taiwanese art and culture locally and globally.  The purpose of the this concert tour is to present the beauty of Taiwanese songs with the communities in Boston and New York.

NTU-EMBA Chamber Choir has participated in more than forty concerts, with performance pieces including Fang Rong Ko’s “228 requiem”, Beethoven’s “9th symphony”, John Rutter’s “Gloria”, and Schubert’s “Mass No.6” at the Taiwan National Concert Hall.  The EMBA Chamber Choir is conducted by Miss Meng Hsien Peng, who is also the conductor of Taipei Muller Chamber Choir that won the grand prize of International Johannes Brahms’ choir competition in 2015.





地點:MIT Building 4 (182 Memorial Dr., Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02138), Room 270

Free and open to public

素樸真誠 曾莉涵唱出台灣調

素樸真誠  曾莉涵唱出台灣調

劍橋合唱團的團員曾莉涵(Lily Li-Han Tseng),二月底在波士頓第一教會(First Church in Boston)與鋼琴家吉丹合作,舉行了「唱出台灣調」獨唱音樂會,演繹三個時期的臺灣音樂作品:







劍橋合唱團團員Yvonne Chang:「我最喜歡雨夜花、鄉愁、出外人、嘸通嫌台灣, 一九七四序曲。想到早期被迫害的台灣人、 以及自己來美國十幾年的心情,忍不住掉眼淚。我是第一次聽到蕭泰 然老師的『出外人』這首歌,乍聽真像是被電到, 回家又找了好幾個合唱版本來聽。Lily的表演與歌唱恰如其分, 表演到位,讓歌曲很有意境,是不簡單的聲樂家。」




原來「 唱 」是這麼回事兒!淺談歌唱發聲原理與聲音保健
主講人:曾莉涵博士  Dr. Lily Li-Han Tseng
時間:4月15日 晚間7:00
地點:MIT Building 4 – Room270 ( 182 Memorial Dr., Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02138)

2016春季新團員介紹:Yvonne & Ram



我是張玉芳,來自台灣台中。2001 年來到美國 Rutgers University 攻讀食品科學博士班,2007 年畢業後到 Cornell University 分生基因所從事博士後研究。 2014 年搬回台灣,然而命運所趨,2015 年底又回到美國嫁給在 Cornell工作時認識的先生。目前在家待產中。閒暇時間幫台灣荒野協會 (SOW) 做翻譯志工,上網修習喜歡的 Coursera 課程,有空也畫畫,攝影,自習樂器。我喜歡的音樂廣泛。有民歌,獨立創作音樂 (Indie music),古典音樂,民族演奏音樂與拉丁音樂等。我從國小到國中都有加入合唱團及比賽。大學時期在東海加入了東海聖樂團,由沈新欽老師帶領。喜歡多部合唱的和諧感,享受團隊的努力。

我是在 2016 年青商會的新年活動中聽到 Leo 介紹劍橋合唱團,第一印象就是團長很熱情又非常真誠。很恰巧團裡有幾位團員也是沈老師的學生,所以決定加入重溫當年合唱團的時光。雖然認識劍橋合唱團的時間不長,但加入後發現團員很和善,向心力十足,練唱都很認真。希望自己能跟團員相處融洽,每次練團都能不負指揮期望。


Hello! I’m Ram. I’m a postdoc doing fly research in Harvard Medical School. I’m married to another member of CCCS, Yvonne Chang. We heard about CCCS at the TYCCNE New Year’s event. I’m probably in the minority in the group as I don’t speak Mandarin.

Generally, I prefer alternative and folk rock that one person can play and sing with an acoustic guitar. My favorite band is Radiohead. I sang in a choir in part of high school, throughout college, and one year in grad school, but it’s been several years since I’ve been in a choir. My favorite choral songs were Rejoice in the Lamb, the Mozart Requiem, and the German Requiem.

Since we joined CCCS, I’ve been pleasantly surprised! I’m glad there’s a good balance of English songs to counteract the more difficult Mandarin songs. Yufen is a great conductor, and the people I’ve met so far are very nice and excellent singers! Also, the rehearsals are great! The vocal warmup drills are challenging. The snacks are an excellent addition–I’ve never been in a choir that offers a snack break.

CCCS is a volunteer-based non-profit organization, in order to continue sharing our unique repertoire of music for our community, we need your kind support.  Please consider making adonation today to keep our music alive tomorrow.
Mailing address: MIT CCCS, 182 Memorial Dr., Building 4 – Room 270, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02138, United States

劍橋合唱團 2016 春季練唱開始


一起來體驗合唱的磅礡之美! 已有24年歷史的劍橋合唱團由一群喜愛合唱的學生及工作人士組成,主要演唱中文歌曲,也時常表演台語客語英語原住民曲目,獲得波士頓地區許多聽眾的肯定。將在五月下旬舉行2016春季公演,即日至一月底止將招募新團員。

現在開始號召更多喜愛唱的朋友加入這歡樂的大家庭。劍橋合唱團每週五晚間8點在 MIT 4-270教室練唱,歡迎喜歡唱歌或有合唱經驗的朋友,1/22,1/29 晚間7:00-8:00前來試音與參加練唱。試音請準備一首自選曲,並事先聯絡約定試音時段。

如需更多訊息,歡迎連絡 或致電 217-979-9719 詢問



一起来体验合唱的磅礴之美! 已有24年历史的剑桥合唱团由一群喜爱合唱的学生及工作人士组成,主要演唱中文歌曲,也时常表演台语客语英语原住民曲目,获得波士顿地区许多听众的肯定。将在五月下旬举行2016春季公演,即日至一月底止将招募新团员。

现在开始号召更多喜爱唱的朋友加入这欢乐的大家庭。剑桥合唱团每週五晚间8点在 MIT 4-270教室练唱,欢迎喜欢唱歌或有合唱经验的朋友,1/22,1/29 晚间7:00-8:00前来试音与参加练唱。试音请準备一首自选曲,并事先联络约定试音时段。


如需更多讯息,欢迎连络 或致电 217-979-9719 询问


Cambridge Chinese Choral Society is Auditioning

The Cambridge Chinese Choral Society members consist of students and working professionals in the community performing mainly Chinese choral pieces, as well as other dialects and languages.  The choir will be performing its semester concert in May 2016, and will begin auditioning for new members at the end of January.

The choir will be rehearsing every Friday night at 8 pm in MIT room 4-270.  We welcome interested singers to come and audition on 1/22 and 1/29 between 7 – 8 pm.  Please prepare a song for the audition and call us to make an appointment.

For more information please email or call 217-979-9719