I-Ying Lin, Piano Accompanist

Taiwan native, I-Ying Lin is a recent graduate from Boston University with Doctor of Musical Art degree, where she served as a teaching assistant of both private piano lesson and group piano class. She completed her master degree and Graduate Performance Diploma at the Boston Conservatory with four-year scholarship and Partnering Pianists Award under the guidance of Ya-Fei Chuang.

Lin has performed as a soloist, collaborative pianist and chamber musician throughout the US, Taiwan, Australia and Europe. She has appeared in festivals such as Mozarteum Summer Acadamie and Vianden International Musical Festival, where she performed in Wien hall, Baroque museum and Vianden Castle between 2009 to 2013. As a chamber musician, Lin was the first place winner of Piano Duo section in American Protégé International Piano and String Competition 2018. In 2015, she also performed with Australian Piano Duo in Brisbane, Australia.  Lin is also an active collaborative pianist. This year, she is also invited to Orford music festival as a scholarship recipient. She is currently a staff accompanist at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, and the accompanist of Cambridge Chinese Choral Society and Israeli choir Kol Arev.


台南市人,於 2010年與2012年分別取得波士頓音樂院(The Boston Conservatory)鋼琴演奏碩士學位及演奏家文憑,並於2018年取得波士頓大學(Boston University)鋼琴演奏博士學位,師事Prof. Boaz Sharon。

曾於台灣、美國多次舉辦聯合音樂會與個人獨奏會;並參加奧地利薩爾茲堡的Mozarteum Summer Academy,且於當地Wiener Hall與Baroque Museum獨奏。2013年至盧森堡參加Vianden International Music Festival,於Vianden Castle演出。2015年獲邀至澳洲布里斯本與當地重奏組合Australian Piano Duo合作演出,2018年獲American Protégé International Piano and String Competition雙鋼琴組冠軍,並於卡內基廳Weill Hall演奏。

具有豐富音樂會伴奏經驗,現為波士頓音樂院之staff accompanist,並擔任 MIT劍橋合唱團、以色列合唱團Kol Arev之伴奏。