MIT CCCS 2018 Spring Concert: 【賦別】Every End is a New Beginning


MIT CCCS 2018 Spring Concert: 【賦別】Every End Is a New Beginning

MIT Cambridge Chinese Choral Society (CCCS), the premier Chinese-language choral group in the Greater Boston area, will perform its 2018 Spring Concert “Every End Is a New Beginning” on Saturday, May 26, 7:30 PM at MIT Kresge Auditorium.

Coinciding with the centennial of the end of World War I and taking place on Memorial Day weekend, the program revolves around themes of parting and remembrance. The centerpiece of the concert is Howard Goodall’s Eternal Light: A Requiem, while the Chinese-language selections give a nod to graduating students and the immigrant community, for whom parting is an inevitable shared experience.

Eternal Light: A Requiem is a contemporary requiem by British composer Howard Goodall that removes the heavier parts about “judgment” and “damnation” the traditional Latin text, replacing them with classical English poems focused on bidding farewell and eternal rest.

Leading up to the requiem are several highly emotional Mandarin and Taiwanese choral classics including The Sojourner by Tyzen Hsiao, To Forget by Huang Yau-tai, and Farewell in City South by Jenny H. Chou and John P. Ordway.

Whether you are an immigrant, veteran, graduating student, or simply interested in choral music, “Every End Is a New Beginning” is promised to be a memorable experience for everyone this Memorial Day weekend.

For ticketing info please email or call 617-615-6108

【賦別】Every End Is a New Beginning

劍橋合唱團 2018 春季音樂會


春夏是繁花盛開的季節,也是校園畢業師生離別的季節。2018年五月,劍橋合唱團將演繹當代英國作曲家Howard Goodall在一戰終戰90週年時所譜寫的永恆之光安魂曲」(Eternal Light: A Requiem)、 黃友棣的「遺忘」、蕭泰然的「出外人」、以及周鑫泉的「城南送別」。由顏毓芬博士指揮,鋼琴家林宜穎伴奏。

地點:MIT Kresge Auditorium (48 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139)


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