• 5/21/2017, MIT Kresge Auditorium
春季音樂會 “聽泉” – Spring Concert “Listen to the Spring: To Africa, Dream Chasers!”

“Listen to the Spring: To Africa, Dream Chaser!” showcased music from two distinctive cultures. The program included new choral pieces of folk and Taiwanese songs, as well as traditional choral music based on Chinese poetry. Read more in our press release.

本次音樂會上下半場風格迥異。上半場將演出台灣校園民歌及當代青年作曲家的作作品,下半場的「肯亞彌撒Missa Kenya」是作曲家Paul Basler將自己在東非肯亞的教學經驗與西方音樂融合的美麗果實。詳情請見新聞稿

  • 指揮/Conductor:  顏毓芬博士, Dr. Yufen Yen
  • 伴奏/Accompanist:  林宜穎, I-Ying Lin
  • 音樂會手冊/Concert Booklet:  2017_Spring
  • 照片/Photos:  Facebook Photo 2017 Spring

CCCS-2017-spring v2

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